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Open Today: 08:00 - 18:00
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Harrogate Pop Up Shop

Opening Hours

Harrogate pop up shop – home to local, independent retailers. Look out a host of different businesses popping up in the space over the coming months. Located on the corner of Cambridge Street/Station Parade.

13th – 19th September: L&N Candles

20th – 26th September: Alcohol Free Drinks Company. Find out more about Alcohol Free Drinks Company here. Open from 10am-6pm daily (10am-4pm on Sundays). Plus, from 1am-2pm, they will be running FREE lunchtime drop in tasting sessions. No need to book, just turn up!

27th September – 3rd October: The Colourful Edit

4th October – 17th October: Sasha’s Interiors

18th October – 31st October: James Humphrey Makeup & Beauty

1st November – 7th November: 2 Little Mice

8th November – 14th November: Jane Gales Designs

15th November – 21st November: Leticia – The Crow Emporium

22nd November – 29th November: Basco Fine Foods

29th November – 26th December: Charlene Barraclough

27th December – 2nd JanuaryAlcohol Free Drinks Company is back with a dry January survival shop.