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Sunday: 10am-4.30pm

Customer Service Charter

The Standards of Service our Customers Can Expect

The Victoria Shopping Centre has a core set of values which cover the behaviour of our employees and extends to all our relationships with visitors, tenants and key stakeholders who visit and work within the centre.

These are:

EXPECT: The brilliant basics. A dedicated team working together for our tenants, customers and stakeholders. We strive to deliver first class operational excellence.

ENVIRONMENT: We will be true to our word and leave a positive impact through our actions and behaviours towards sustainability and the environment.

ENGAGE: We will strive to find the best solution for you. We demonstrate thinking out of the box on a daily basis and innovation within our business is crucial to what we do.

EXPERIENCE: We will work together with you to achieve more through listening to you and offering suggestions from our own experiences.

EVOLVE: We are continuously reviewing our services to ensure we move with the times. We do this through monitoring and evaluating customer feedback and meetings with tenants and other stakeholders.

In providing our services, we value:

• Meeting the needs of our community and we will be generous with our time to community initiatives and collaborate at different levels in our work.
• The diversity and individuality of all people and to respect one another.
• The professionalism of our staff is our integrity and first image.
• Effective communication, including your feedback on our services.
• Our approachability is important. We strive to deliver the brilliant basics in customer excellence.
• We are a reliant and trusted partner and deliver our services with passion and Integrity.

You can expect:-

• A polite and informed service from all our staff.
• Well trained security and cleaning staff who are friendly and happy to help who take pride in collective teamwork.
• A team that will go above and beyond customer expectations and will experiment with new ideas and innovations
• A prompt response to all enquiries to centre management
• A continual review of new customer services that can be introduced
• A continual review as to how we can improve existing services and work smarter.
• A clean and safe shopping experience
• An environment that is accessible to all people
• A well maintained building while delivering financial and sustainable operational excellence.
• A continuous focus on service excellence. Providing an enriched customer focus that delivers a great experience.
• Up to date and clear information on all our services, whether Social media or the centre website
• A member of staff is always available to discuss any queries and take pride in being role models for great customer service
• All customers to be treated with respect and their wellness is considered at the heart of our decision-making.
• We listen carefully so that we can understand and respond to your needs • Us to resolve your query as soon as possible or provide details of the right person to help
• We listen to all customer feedback to improve the services we offer.
• Expect us to review our services so they are accessible to all visitors. It is important we monitor, evaluate and evolve.
• We believe in building relationships and networks. Innovation and customer engagement is fundamental to our success.

Help us to help you by:-

• Treat the centre facilities and property with due care
• Treat our staff with courtesy and respect
• Comply with all instructions given by centre staff particularly in the event of an emergency