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Harrogate BID is super excited to announce The Harrogate Father Christmas Experience 2021! 

There have been so many good children this year that The Christmas Council has announced that in recognition of this, Santa will be travelling all the way from the North Pole to The Crown Hotel in Harrogate to visit them.

Guests arriving at a special Elf School entrance will be welcomed by the team of elves, before heading through to a magical elf-training experience, hosted by chief elf, Tinsel, and Father Christmas himself.

Families will enjoy a sing-along, elf-tastic performance full of festive fun and North Pole magic.

After the Elf Training Show, everyone will have the chance to meet Father Christmas himself, and all the newly-trained elves will receive a 2021 Elf Graduation Certificate, and an early Christmas Present from Father Christmas. But remember, don’t open it until the ‘Big Day’ itself!

Find out more and book for one of the 15 dates across November and December here – you don’t want to miss out!